What is a Book Coach?

One-on-one Coaching

What is a Book Coach?


Why would you choose one-on-one coaching with Athena Daniels?


Great question! I’m a six-times international bestselling and multi-award-winning author, professionally trained Book Coach, Creativity Coach, and Certified Life Coach. I run my business as an author and coach around the responsibilities that come with being a mother to three with a day job.

I’m passionate about teaching others how to dream big and succeed. Pursuing my passion as a creative entrepreneur around a busy life is something I live every day. Inside tips and secrets for bending time for increased creativity are an added bonus when you choose to coach with me. This means you get the benefit of my skills as a book coach, creativity coach, and life coach all in one!

I am both a traditionally published and self-published author with an active release schedule, which means I keep up to date with the dynamic and ever-changing publishing industry. Today, publishing is one of the most brutally competitive industries on the planet. It’s an investment in time and money. It’s an emotional journey filled with challenges, failure, rejection, and of course, achievement and celebration.

Having an unshakeable authorpreneur mindset is key to getting through the journey from writer to successfully published author smoothly. A writer needs strength, resilience, and an understanding of the industry – what to do, what not to do, and how to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes. If it’s time to take action to finally achieve your writing and publishing goals, get in touch today – I’d love to hear from you! 

What exactly is a Book Coach?


“The coach can see what you can’t see.” Tony Robbins

Think of a book coach as your project manager, mentor, and cheerleader through the process of turning your manuscript into a professional book. A book coach helps you get clear on your book’s purpose, guides you through the creation process, and enables you to get results. A book coach helps writers stop talking about writing their book and helps them actually write it. Not just a book, but your best book. A book that has meaning, value, and a reason for being in the world. A book that’s polished and professional with a message that isn’t lost in unnecessary narrative. A book coach knows your ‘why,’ holds the vision for your book, and guides you through each creative phase to achieve a book that you will be proud of. A book that has the potential to impact and change lives.

Many businesses, from start-ups to million-dollar companies, have business coaches. A good coach is a valuable resource, helping visualise your dream, create time-based action plans, and keep you accountable.

As a writer and six-times published author, I understand the challenges writers face in today’s dynamic and ever-changing publishing landscape. The publishing industry seemingly changes every minute. I am dedicated to stay up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in the author world and help you understand your choices and navigate the path that is right for you.


What does a Book Coach Do?


A Book Coach is much more than an editor. A Book Coach meets you wherever you are on your writing and publishing journey and helps you clarify and navigate the following steps. Book coaches can assist anywhere from the very first idea for a book, right through to publication and marketing of your work. What are your goals? To only print a few books for your friends and family? To be a resource for current and potential clients? If your goals are more substantial, you need to think like a publisher, do the required market research and write with your ideal reader in mind.

And that’s where good Book Coaches are worth their weight in gold. They bring the experience and knowledge of the publishing industry to you. They do not do it for you, but they help you understand what you need to do, and why you need to do it and are by your side, supporting you throughout the process. A book coach will help you understand what your book’s message is and then help you fulfil that promise to the reader.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Timothy Gallway

When you hire a book coach, you won’t lose control of your work. A book coach won’t take over your project. Instead, they help you remain in complete control by teaching you to understand every step in the process and why they are necessary. This ensures that the book remains authentically yours, written in your voice, and is the very best it can be.


When do you need a book coach?


When you’re ready to stop treating your writing as a hobby, or dream you’ll never achieve and “go pro.” A book coach can step in during any stage from the first idea to advising you on marketing your published novel.

You’ve got something to say, that’s hopefully why you want to publish a book. But what good is your message if it isn’t presented professionally and conveyed clearly? The reader will lose interest if the first chapter doesn’t appear to fulfil the book’s promise and set it aside. If your cover and blurb aren’t created correctly, a reader might not pick up or even find your book among countless others in the online space.

A book must be written and created with your ideal reader in mind if you want your message to reach its intended audience. A book coach helps you get crystal clear about what your book is, and who it’s for. It’s hard to publish and promote a book if you’re unclear about what the essence of your book is and who needs to read it.

Do any of the following describe where you are right now?

  • Are you stuck or spending hours writing in circles?
  • Do you need clarity on your idea or purpose of your book? You have so many ideas about what you want to write, but what will make an excellent book that your audience will want to read?
  • Who is your ideal reader? Who is your message for? Getting clear on who you are writing for helps you create a book that has direction and purpose. You’re not writing a diary; there’s a reason your book needs to be in the world. What is it? And how do you make sure your message is conveyed clearly?
  • Do you want to write a book that has the best chance of being read by a wider audience than your family and friends? A book coach can help you do that.
  • Are you pursuing publishing through a traditional publisher? A book coach can help you prepare a book proposal agents and publishers want to read.
  • Are you planning to self-publish your book? You need to think like a traditional publisher and treat Self-Publishing as a business. A book coach will help you research the market, understand the importance of editing, cover design, formatting, and avoid costly pitfalls.
  • Is it your goal to pursue traditional publishing? A book coach can help you write a book proposal publishers and agents will want to read.
  • Want to become an authorpreneur and take advantage of the range of opportunities and doors that becoming a published author can open for you? A book coach can show you everything you need to be your own independent publisher and pursuing your goals as an authorpreneur.

What a book coach is NOT:


A book coach is NOT a vanity publisher or POD publisher. A book coach will help you understand why one-size-fits-all publishing does not fit all. Package ‘deals’ for producing and publishing a book is about their company, not about writing and creating your best book. While it might be tempting to use a vanity service that offers you an ‘everything done for you’ service at a price you can afford, there are more important figures to consider—book sales for one. Credibility for another.

A book coach won’t write your book for you. A book coach is not a ghost-writer. Although a book coach makes suggestions and recommendations that keep you moving forward, a good book coach is careful to ensure that your book always feels yours, and your ‘voice’ is preserved at all times.

A book coach shares your vision, helps you understand your ‘why.’ A book coach uses this information to assist you in creating your book’s business plan, complete with budget and distribution strategy. You can upload a shopping list to Amazon and call yourself a published author. A ‘Self-Publishing factory’ can promise to publish even your diary, for a fee, but if you’re serious about creating a professional book and its purpose for being in the world, the writing and publishing process needs to be done correctly.

You are about to publish in one of the most brutally competitive industries on the planet – doesn’t it make sense for you to take the time to learn how to do it right?



My ‘WHY’


To provide education, structure, and resources for writers to create and self-publish books that match the professional standard of quality and purpose of traditionally published books.

Initially, I started out believing my mission was to raise the standard of self-published books in the industry but soon realised that is not true as it implies that the overall standard of self-published books needs improving. Although there is certainly a percentage of self-published books that are arguably… quality-challenged, self-publishing is an option that an increasing number of traditionally published authors choose to pursue today. There are some wildly successful self-published authors making six and even seven figures a year producing exceptional quality books. Many brilliant writers prefer to be their own publisher, take control of their author career, and make all the business decisions themselves.

Traditional publishers have tried and tested processes they follow. They run their books through a professional editing and proofreading process, professional typesetting and cover design without exception. Before selecting your manuscript, they’ve considered where the polished version of your book will sit in the marketplace. They have a solid understanding of readers’ expectations relating to the specific genre. They know what makes a book successful and have refined the title, taglines, and blurb that make a reader choose to buy your book over countless others.

With recent changes in the publishing industry, self-publishing a book is now an opportunity available to anyone. In a fascinating experiment, Brent Underwood self-published, “Putting my Foot Down,” a book that consisted of just one page – a picture of his foot. His experimental book even earned a #1 Best Seller badge on Amazon. Here’s the full article:  https://thoughtcatalog.com/brent-underwood/2016/03/my-best-selling-book-started-off-as-a-joke-what-you-dont-know-about-publishing/  

Even though the quality of self-published books can vary greatly, readers’ expectations remain the same. By its very existence in the world, a book carries a specific set of promises to the reader. An avid reader myself, I know how disappointed I am when a book doesn’t meet those basic promises. A successful, self-published book meets reader expectations by following the same quality processes that traditional publishers have used for generations.

Instead of signing their rights over to a publisher, a successful authorpreneur chooses their own team of professionals, editors, typesetters, cover designers, and has done the necessary market research. They’ve taken the same steps to reach the same high standards set by traditional publishers and remain in control of their project every step of the way.

I now understand it is my passion, my mission, to help writers reach the same quality publishing standard as traditional publishers from writing the very first word to producing a book that will sit proudly on a shelf next to any traditionally published one.




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