Athena Daniels Books - Signed Print Copy

  • “A heart-stopping, explosive tale of the paranormal… a masterpiece.” Anne-Marie, Readers Favorite, 5 Stars

  • A Chillingly Sexy Paranormal Thriller. As featured on AusRom Today: “…the perfect culmination of paranormal mystery with steamy and sensual romance and just enough suspense and intrigue to guarantee a chilling, goosebump-invoking, story line… The Seer’s Daughter would be a brilliant option for adaption to screen–there’s a television series/movie in here for absolute certain.” “…as chilling as it is sexy… This is much more than a romance.” The Romance Reviews, 5 stars Top Pick ***** For her, he’ll break all the rules…
  • A thrilling and emotionally gripping novel of love, marriage, deception and… murder.

  • The thrilling conclusion to Sage and Ethan’s journey that began in The Seer’s Daughter. A town with a dark secret. A detective digging for the truth. A discovery that leads to an unthinkable sacrifice. For one hundred years, a demon has been watching, waiting, plotting…

    Would YOU help the traumatised spirit of a girl if she reached out to you from beyond the grave? And if so, how far will you go to help her get revenge?
    A Chillingly Sexy Supernatural Suspense – GIRL UNSEEN can be read as a standalone.
    “For paranormal fans, Girl Unseen can’t be beat!… This is definitely a must-read and is a perfect stand-alone even though there are two previous volumes in the Beyond the Grave series. Just make sure to leave the lights on! Fabulous read!


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