Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Blueprint

You have completed a draft of your book – Congratulations!

Now it’s time to turn your writing Pro! A manuscript assessment is an in-depth analysis of your manuscript from a publishing perspective. Deep dive into key areas such as: Is the message of your book clear? Who is your ideal reader?

Written report of what is working well in your manuscript and what isn’t. 

You’ve been working on your book, and now you’re stuck. Maybe you’re wrought with fear and self-doubt. You’ve got no idea whether what you’ve written is any good, or if anyone will even want to read it. Or worse, whether what you’ve written even conveys the message you intended when you started out.

You’ve written your book for a reason, you have a message, a skill, something important you want to say or share that can benefit others.

Books can change lives. A fiction book takes the characters on a journey of transformation. A nonfiction book takes the reader on a journey where by the end of the book, the reader is changed in some way by the experience. They may have learned new skills, mindset, confidence, understanding, whatever it is has changed and hopefully improved their lives in some way. Have you led the reader through the transformation process smoothly and clearly so that your story is the most powerful and impactful as it can be?

A successful nonfiction book has the power to change lives, open doors, business opportunities. It’s an investment, your legacy.

I typically work with women business owners who are passionate about sharing their big ideas and making an impact. It is a powerful and transformational experience to bringing a book to life and watching the ripple effect of opportunities that follow after taking their message out into the world.

If you’ve started writing, finished writing or are stuck and want to know if your message is clear, what areas need work, how to structure the book for the best reader’s journey and how to write to your target audience, then a manuscript assessment and strategy session is perfect for you.

Deep developmental edit that examines your manuscript looking at layout, flow and structure of your story. I look at its organisation and whether it effectively delivers on your message and book’s purpose.

  • A written summary with an overview of findings on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.
  • Comment on overall pacing and the balance between exposition and personal anecdote.
  • Identify areas that could be strengthened, and places exposition seems repetitive could benefit by being more streamlined.
  • In-line comments to help you identify areas noted in your written summary. *Note: This is not a copy/line edit. I may mark some spelling and grammar along the way, but that is not the purpose of a developmental edit.
  • 60-min phone or video coaching session to discuss your work and my feedback.


You’ll feel confident about what needs to be done to make your book the best it can be. You’ll understand what you need to do to improve your manuscript, which parts need strengthening and which parts to cut. You’ll have a solid vision on your book’s message and purpose so that your finished book delivers on its promise.

Contact Athena for more information – As this is an intensive, one-on-one coaching process, opportunities to work with Athena are strictly limited. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and write your book, contact Athena today.


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