Diamond Writers’
Coaching Package

6 Months


Writing and Publishing Books that Create Global Impact.

Why is Athena the right Book Coach?

After publishing six books, five independently and one traditionally, and learning far too many steps along the way the hard way, it is now my passion to help writers navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape and avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

As a professionally trained Book Coach, I bring my experience as an international bestselling and multi-award winning author to aspiring authors through flexible one-to-one coaching packages as well as courses, retreats and workshops that aim to inspire and empower writers for success in publishing.

I am the International bestselling author of the multi-award winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series The Seer’s Daughter, The Alchemist’s Son, Girl Unseen, When Darkness Follows and the romantic thrillers Desperate and The Scream Behind Her Smile.


Diamond Writers’ Coaching Package
6 Months

Diamond Writers’ Coaching Package

Diamond Writers’ Coaching Package is Athena’s signature coaching program which has been designed with proven, actionable steps to get clear on your book’s purpose, message, target market, audience and have a full draft of your manuscript written ready to start the process of submitting to agents/publishers or embark on the independent publishing process.

Essentially the program is broken down in to 5 key elements:

Your Book’s Unique Blueprint
This is the exciting part! You will work with Athena directly to create your book’s unique blueprint. The proven formula for writing a professional quality book you’ll be proud to see your name on.

This process is based on everything a Publisher and/or Agent will need if you were pursuing traditional publishing and is the essential foundation for any serious independent publishing entrepreneur.

By the end of the blueprint process, you will be clear on your book’s message and audience, and you’ll have a title, blurb, tagline, fully completed manuscript draft and have a solid understanding for your options for publishing and the pros and cons for each path.

FORTNIGHTLY 1:1 COACHING CALLS – Fortnightly coaching calls with Athena personally where you will discuss your manuscript, Athena’s feedback on your latest submission of pages, keep your writing focused and on track and help overcome any writing blocks or any issues with the creative process or balancing work/life with writing using proven strategies to tease out your key current pain point and plan your strategy and goals for the next fortnight.

ACCOUNTABILITY – The fortnightly coaching calls keep you accountable, and drive your manuscript forward. During the fortnightly coaching calls with Athena you identify, resolve and learn to prevent roadblocks that undoubtedly will occur over the 6-month writing journey.

EMAIL AND MESSENGER ACCESS to Athena from Monday To Friday – You’ll receive a message back from Athena, with her SPECIFIC and ACTIONABLE advice, and practical action steps within 24-48 hours. It’s like having your very own writing expert in your pocket for help and support in the moment.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK MASTERMIND GROUP – This is where Athena will share with you her best writing tips and strategies, templates, marketing secrets and more. This is also where you’ll connect with the rest of your Diamond Writers’ group. Consider these women your own personal accountability buddies, and best girlfriends walking through this crazy entrepreneurial writing adventure with you!

TUTORIALS & WORKSHEETS – Access to online tutorials, information and worksheets to help you write your best book.



A Book Coach meets you where you are on your writing and publishing journey and helps you clarify and navigate the following steps.

  • Create a unique blueprint for your book, and review each chapter as you progress so you write forward with confidence and momentum.
  • A Book Coach is your accountability partner, professional critique, and biggest supporter so you meet your deadlines and publish your professional-quality book!
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