environments for 
heightened states of creativity


Do you struggle to find the time to write?

Is it time to finally get your book written?

Learn how to set yourself up for maximum inspiration through our Environments for Heightened States of Creativity workshop – and finally bring your creative dreams to life!

Are you trying to juggle family, work, and other demands while also trying to write a book or blog? 

When you finally find time to write your book or blogs, do you feel as though your inspiration has left you?

Are you struggling to separate quality writing time from the demands of daily life?

Do you wish you had more hours in the day to dedicate to your writing?

Do you wish you could become more productive and achieve grater results with the time you do have?

If you’re writing a book, blog, articles or original content, but you feel as though everyday life is sapping your creativity, then this course is for you!

Environments for Heightened States of Creativity 

1 Day Intensive Course – $97

Saturday, 29th February, 2020

10am to 4pm


Who is this course for?

Writers and Business Women wanting to write their first book. 

Writers wanting to increase their productivity and word count.

Business owners struggling to write a book, blog, articles or original content while juggling the day-to-day demands of running of their business.  


Creative Entrepreneurs… Discover How to 

Unleash your creativity! 

Entrepreneur n. (Oxford Dictionary) a person who makes money by starting new businesses. 

A creative entrepreneur is someone who operates their business – or is self-employed – in one of the creative industries. A creative uses imagination and original ideas to create something.


Learn how to:

Regularly and effectively tap into heightened states of creativity.

Find more time to write.

Define and achieve your creative goals.

Discover your authentic voice and bring it to life through the written word.  


In this course I will share:

  • How I’ve managed to become an international bestselling and multi-award winning author while also juggling the demands of motherhood and running a business.
  • How I manage to maintain a regular publishing schedule using specific strategies designed to maximise creative flow and productivity.
  • My number one process for arranging your physical workspace such that it heightens your level of creativity simply walking into it.
  • How to easily achieve all your writing goals.
  • How to skyrocket your daily word count goals and finally get your book written!
  • How the environment you work in directly influences the opportunities you attract in your career and financial success, and how to make your workspace work FOR you. 


 Make 2020 YOUR year!




Creative entrepreneurs and writers have a unique set of challenges. We have a lot of responsibilities: Serving our clients, deadlines, sales, marketing, content production, business development, administration, finances, social media, networking, and the list goes on… BUT – we also need to find time to do the creative work that generates our revenue. 


Inspiration isn’t something that can just be turned on when needed. But there ARE specific things you can do to get you into a creative flow of inspiration quickly and easily. I will teach you everything I know that has helped me to become an internationally-awarded author while juggling a demanding home life.




This course is for writers and creatives who need to access higher states of inspiration to get into ‘the zone’ regularly, effectively, and easily.


Time is the most precious commodity for writers and entrepreneurs. Don’t waste your precious time by procrastinating on being productive, waiting for inspiration to strike.


If you’re ready to finally finish your book, increase your daily word count, maximise your productivity and unleash your creativity, then this course is for you!




Still not convinced?


I want you to imagine for a moment that you are holding your finished book in your hand.


Not just a completed manuscript, but your actual book.


Is the cover glossy or matt finish?


Can you see your name on the front cover?


Sift through the crisp white pages with your fingertips.


How does it feel?


Are you excited?


Do you feel accomplished?


Are you ready to make that image a reality?




Environments for Heightened States of Creativity Course will teach you powerful and proven techniques you can apply NOW to finish your book and take your career as an author, writer and producer of creative content to the next level.


In this course, you will take away life changing tools and strategies for increased inspiration and creativity through easy to apply step-by-step processes in a relaxed atmosphere.


Learn insider tricks to turn your writing pro! 




 If you’re ready to give your writing career a quantum boost, book today!






Environments for Heightened States of Creativity 

1 Day Intensive Course – $97

Saturday, 29th February, 2020

10am to 4pm

***Spaces are strictly limited, and courses fill fast.

If you’ve missed out, please message Athena to be put on a waiting list for the next course. 

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Vivacious Living Centre 9A (Upper level), 9 Riseley Square, Applecross, Western Australia 


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Athena is passionate about inspiring writers to finish and publish their books. Whether it is a one-off book for their business or a work of fiction, it is her mission to demystify the publishing process. Becoming a creative entrepreneur – turning your passion for writing into a business – is life-changing and nothing gives Athena greater pleasure than sharing what she’s learned through her journey to empower and inspire others. 

Quantum Spaces is a series of courses designed from ground up. From designing your space for maximum creative flow and inspiration, through to publishing and creating a business. Athena shares not only what she’s learnt through her own publishing journey, but also transformational ideas from her training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Feng Shui, hypnotherapy and quantum physics. Athena has spent years selecting and refining aspects of these proven and powerful modalities that directly apply to and benefit writers. Athena shares the secrets of how she balances being a mother, a partner in a family business as well as her career as a creative entrepreneur and a regular publishing schedule. 

Athena’s courses are powerful but her teaching style is relaxed and personal. It is her aim to keep concepts simple, relevant and actionable for immediate results.

What’s Next?

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