Business Book

and assisted publishing

Publishing Your Business Book

Publishing a book is a powerful asset for your business: 


Authority – Position yourself as a leader and expert in your chosen field. Your book is the ultimate business card.

Visibility – Increase your visibility. Build your business brand, reputation, and increase your public profile.

Resource – Provide a valuable resource for new and existing clients.

Financial – An effectively marketed book is an asset that will generate an additional stream of income.

Opportunities – A published book can open doors, attract new customers and speaking opportunities around the world.

Legacy – Share your knowledge, experience and journey with your family and heirs.




You want to or have written a book, and want to know the next steps in getting your book into the world. 


Claim your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call so that you can tell me where you are in your writing and publishing journey and I can talk you through the different options we have to support you to achieve your goals. To see if we will be a good fit, apply now!


For when you need clear, actionable advice on your next steps in the writing or publishing journey.  

Choose this 90 minute power session if you already know me, have worked with me before, or we have agreed to work together through the FREE 30-minute Discover call. The 90-Minute Power session is to get you clear as to what your next steps in your publishing journey are. Whether it is how to overcome blocks to finish your book, write your business book, or if you are ready to hit publish on just one book, or want to know the next steps on how to turn your hobby into a work-from-home business. Get clear on what your next steps are today.