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Flexible coaching packages tailored to your needs.

Options ranging from one hour phone consultations through to all-inclusive six-month comprehensive coaching packages.

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Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Blueprint – $1297*

You have completed a draft of your book – Congratulations!

Now it’s time to turn your writing Pro!

  • A manuscript assessment is an in-depth analysis of your manuscript from a publishing perspective.
  • Deep dive into key areas such as: Is the message of your book clear? Who is your ideal reader?
  • Written report of what is working well in your manuscript and what isn’t. 
  • Recommendations and clear advice on what areas to improve. 
  • In-line comments to help you identify areas noted in your written summary. *Note: This is not a copy/line edit. I may mark some spelling and grammar along the way, but that is not the purpose of a developmental edit.
  • A 60 minute phone or Zoom coaching session to discuss your work and my feedback.
  • Clarity on your next steps in your publishing journey!

*For manuscripts under 50,000; $1497 for manuscripts 50,000 and up to 100,000

Be your own Publisher – 3 Months

Payment Options Available


Everything you need to set up and become your own publisher. Set up your publishing business and turning your polished manuscript into a book.

  • The Authorpreneur Success Blueprint (ASB) – 90-minute strategy session turned into a blueprint plan for action.
  • A strategic plan for publishing (goals, target audience & vision for your book) We then take those goals and your vision and we turn it into a personalised publishing schedule that enables you to reach and hit all your business goals and targets.
  • Your personalised book launch schedule. Detailed action plan for release.
  • Video tutorials for the uploading of your book to retailer’s sites
  • 2 x 50-minute calls to answer any questions and help clarify your next steps.
  • Text and email support.

Nonfiction Book Experience Coaching Package – Six Months – $5997

Payment Options Available


The Nonfiction Book Experience Coaching Package is a serious commitment that is designed to get results and involves working with Athena Daniels over the course of six months.

Choose this package if you have a burning idea for a book and are ready to do what it takes to make it happen. You have a message or reasons for writing your book, and don’t want to do it alone reading stacks of how-to-books or scour the internet for articles and tutorials. Cut straight through the noise and conflicting information and learn exactly what you need to make your individual goals and dreams come true.

We start our journey together by getting clarity on your book idea and its reason for being in the world. We then create a draft overview of your manuscript using the powerful Blueprint for a Book system and action plan that outlines the process, step by step. 

I then coach you throughout each step of the process as you undertake the work necessary to write the components of your book proposal and sample chapters.

  • If you are seeking traditional publishing, we will work on your query, and guidance on an agent list and pitching strategy.
  • If you have chosen to self-publish your book, you will end up with a 225-plus-page draft of your manuscript and a clear action plan on what your next steps are.

The Nonfiction Book Experience Coaching Package is an investment not only in the book you are currently working on, but every future book you want to write as well.


Overview of the process at a glance: 

  • Blueprint-For-A-Book workbook, which you’ll receive after sign-up and will form the structure we use throughout the process. Working through the Blueprint typically takes six weeks to complete with 3 x clear action plans and corresponding submission deadlines.
  • Depending on genre, and publication path, we will work together to craft a compelling book proposal and pitch strategy OR we work together as you draft your manuscript. This stage typically takes 4-5 months and includes 9 x clear action plans and corresponding submission deadlines.
  • A 60-minute call on signup to discuss your book’s goals and objectives and outline the steps we will be taking together throughout the program.
  • Clear action plans and 12 x 50-minute one-one-one coaching calls.
  • Duration – 6-months from date of sign-up. *

*Additional months can be purchased if needed.



  • Nonfiction writers seeking traditional publishing – a polished book proposal with pitch support (query letter and guidance on agent list), several clean sample chapters, and my guidance and plan for pitching agents and publishers.
  • Nonfiction writers pursuing hybrid or Self-Publishing – a solid foundation for your book and review of up to 225 pages of your manuscript draft (review of additional pages is available for an additional fee) as well as advice and strategy on your next steps in publishing your book.
  • Memoir writers pursuing traditional, hybrid, or Self-Publishing – a solid foundation for your book and review of up to 225 pages of your manuscript draft (review of additional pages is available for an additional fee) as well as advice and strategy on your next steps in publishing your book.
  • Insider strategies and pro tips to keep you inspired and creative every day.

*Note: Edit included is a structural/developmental edit and is not a copy/line edit. That step comes next. This process is getting the bones of your book right, so we have a solid foundation to flesh out and create your best book.


Nonfiction Book Experience Package includes:

  • Initial 60-minute one-one-one strategy call at the start of working together to take you through an overview of the time we’ll be spending together and discuss the process we’ll be working through to enable you to create your best book.
  • Your Blueprint-For-A-Book workbook with clear actions that will result in clarity of the message and purpose of your book, the overview and structure of your manuscript, intended audience, publishing options and marketing.
  • Discuss what your options for publishing are and help you make the right decision for you based on your specific goals and intention for the book.
  • If you are seeking traditional publishing, you will receive coaching on all components of a book proposal, including annotated table of contents, requirements, author bio, market research, market plan and sample chapters. To assist further, you will also receive examples of book proposals, templates, query letters and case studies to help draft your content which are reviewed during our twice-monthly 50-minute coaching calls.
  • If you will be self-publishing, you will receive developmental and content review of up to 225 pages of your manuscript content with detailed in-line comments to help make them shine as you revise.
  • If you are pursuing traditional publishing – you will be working through two-monthly deadlines, up to 25 pages per deadline, to turn in blueprint and book proposal components and sample chapters.
  • If you will be self-publishing – you will be working through two-monthly deadlines, up to 25 pages per deadline, to turn in pages of your manuscript.
  • If you are pursuing traditional publishing – you will end up with a query letter and guidance on an agent spreadsheet and pitch strategy.
  • If you will be self-publishing you will receive guidance on a book release launch plan and marketing strategy.
  • Two-monthly 50-minute calls (via Zoom or phone) to answer questions, discuss my comments and feedback, and get you clear on your next steps, keep your book deadlines on track, and keep you accountable. We can also discuss strategies for writing and time management if needed.
  • 12 clear action plans and corresponding two-weekly deadlines to submit your Blueprint proposal pages and receive feedback on those submissions.
  • 12 x 50-minute one-on-one, fortnightly coaching calls via Zoon or phone to answer questions, find solutions to challenges, and make sure the project is moving forward and on track.
  • Email and messenger support between submissions. *
  • Review of pages over the 25 included in your program and additional phone consultations beyond your two per month are available at an extra fee.
  • Expertise of a formally trained book coach, creativity coach, and life coach who is also an international bestselling, and multi-award-winning author. No-one said any of this was going to be easy! But we can choose to make it fun and enjoy the experience with the right mindset.

*Any question that requires more than a 10-minute reply will be answered during the next scheduled coaching call.


Who is this package for?

You have a burning desire to write your book and don’t want to do it alone.

You are a business owner, or someone with a message you want to share with the world. You don’t want to waste your time, or write something that isn’t meaningful, professional or – worst of all – embarrasses you.

I work with women business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives who are willing to put in the work to write their best book. I am not a ghost-writer, which is important for you to keep your own ‘voice’, your authority. A Book Coach guides, teaches and supports you, but you must be willing to do the work. 

Your success depends on your willingness to be coached. If you already know everything, you don’t need me. I can give you all the feedback and guidance in the world, but if you aren’t willing to dig deep and do the work required to produce a quality book, you won’t stand a chance. No-one ever said writing a book was easy, but it is a powerful, rewarding and life-changing experience and one I highly recommend!

I will help you overcome your fears and doubts and help you understand the financial and strategic pros and cons of the publishing process. Mindset is everything!

It is important to understand there are absolutely no guarantees in the publishing industry, and you should be wary of anyone who says there are. I do not have a crystal ball. I cannot guarantee that your book will become a bestseller, sell a million copies, land an agent, get a book deal or make even make back your return on investment. There are far too many variables that factor into how successful a book will be, including luck and timing.

What I can guarantee is that if you do the required work you will achieve the outcomes as outlined in this package. I will give you my honest opinion based on my experience in the industry about what I think will work, and when I think your book is ready to out in the world as well as the strategies I think will be most effective for you to meet your publishing goals.


What I bring to the table

I’m  a six-times international bestselling and multi-award-winning author, professionally trained Book Coach, Creativity Coach, and Certified Life Coach. I run my business as an author and coach around the responsibilities that come with being a mother to three with a day job.

I’m passionate about teaching others how to dream big and succeed. Pursuing my passion as a creative entrepreneur around a busy life is something I live every day. Inside tips and secrets for bending time for increased creativity are an added bonus when you choose to coach with me. This means you get the benefit of my skills as a book coach, creativity coach, and life coach all in one!

I am both a traditionally published and self-published author with an active release schedule, which means I keep up to date with the dynamic and ever-changing publishing industry. Today, publishing is one of the most brutally competitive industries on the planet. It’s an investment in time and money. It’s an emotional journey filled with challenges, failure, rejection, and of course, achievement and celebration. Having an unshakeable authorpreneur mindset is key to getting through the journey from writer to successfully published author smoothly. A writer needs strength, resilience, and an understanding of the industry – what to do, what not to do, and how to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Doesn’t it make sense for you to take the time to learn how to do it right from the start?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” Maya Angelou.

If you’re ready to bring your dreams of writing your book to life, the Nonfiction Book Experience Coaching Package might be exactly what you need to succeed!



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A Book Coach is best described as a Project Manager for the Self-Publishing process. A Book Coach meets you where you are on your journey and helps you get from where you are to where you want to go.   

Where possible, I will point you to FREE resources, blogs or websites available online first. But if you’re looking to cut straight through the noise and get advice that is specific to you, flexible Book Coaching might be the answer you are looking for. 

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