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One-on-one Coaching

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Private one-on-one coaching is the perfect option for when you are stuck, need clarity, inspiration or need assistance creating a clear plan for the creation of your book. 

Too much information on the internet? Book coaches assist you anywhere from the very first idea for your book, right through to publication and marketing of your work. A book coach meets you where you are on your writing and publishing journey and helps you clarify and navigate the following steps.


All about the Blueprint

6-Week Blueprint Coaching Package – Nonfiction

I coach you through the development of the “Blueprint-for-a-Book” workbook which you receive when you sign up. We work together to develop a solid foundation for your book so you can write forward with confidence and clarity. This program is ideal for writers of creative nonfiction, personal development/self-help, business and leadership and memoir.

Elite Signature Coaching Package

All Inclusive Nonfiction Coaching – 4 to 5 Months – Nonfiction

For writers who want to inspire, educate and make an impact in the world through the power of their story.

Dream Big and Get Results Nonfiction Book Coaching Package is my signature one-on-one, personal coaching program and involves working with me over the course of four-five months.

Specialising in nonfiction, personal development/self-help, business and leadership and memoir.

Nonfiction Book Proposal

3 Months Package

The preparation of a nonfiction book proposal is the road map for the writing of your book. Working through the blueprint for a book process gives you the foundation for major parts of a non-fiction book proposal – market analysis, competitive titles, annotated table of contents, query letter, author bio, marketing plan and sample chapters.

The process takes about 3 months, and by the end of coaching you will have a non-fiction book proposal, sample chapters and a submission strategy targeted to the best agents/editors for your book.

Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Blueprint

You have completed a draft of your book – Congratulations!

Now it’s time to turn your writing Pro!
A manuscript assessment is an in-depth analysis of your manuscript from a publishing perspective.

Deep dive into key areas such as: Is the message of your book clear? Who is your ideal reader?

Written report of what is working well in your manuscript and what isn’t. 

Become your own publisher

One-on-one Coaching

Set up your publishing business and turn your polished manuscript into a book.

The Authorpreneur Success Blueprint (ASB) – 90-minute strategy session turned into a blueprint plan for action.

A strategic plan for publishing (goals, target audience & vision for your book) We then take those goals and your vision and turn it into a personalised publishing schedule that enables you to reach and hit all your business goals and targets.

Become your own publisher

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A Book Coach is best described as a Project Manager for the Self-Publishing process. A Book Coach meets you where you are on your journey and helps you get from where you are to where you want to go.   

Where possible, I will point you to FREE resources, blogs or websites available online first. But if you’re looking to cut straight through the noise and get advice that is specific to you, flexible Book Coaching might be the answer you are looking for. 

To see if a Book Coach is right for you, let’s talk! Simply fill out the form and I will be in touch.