Your Book’s
Unique Blueprint

The Key to Unlocking the Book You’ll be Proud to See Your Name On

Whether you feel stuck right now, or simply want to fast-track your book with proven and tested strategies and tools, your Book’s Unique Blueprint is the secret to a professional quality book.

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Your Book’s Unique Blueprint

The secret bestselling authors know before putting pen to paper

    Before you start writing…

    It’s tempting to just ‘start writing.’ I will never encourage anyone to block the creative flow of inspiration when it comes, however, when it comes to writing a good nonfiction book, there is something essential you need before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and that is a solid plan. A unique blueprint for your book taking into consideration your book’s reason, intention and goals for being in the world.

    Without a plan, you run the risk of writing around in circles, off in many directions, or not finishing your book at all.

    When writing nonfiction, there are key areas to get clear on put pen to paper.

    • What exactly is your book about?
    • Why are you writing it?
    • Who is it for?
    • Why do they need it?
    • What problem are you solving?
    • What is the point of your story?
    • Why are you the one to tell it?

    Not having a solid plan for your book before you start can set you up for years of failure or risk not finishing it at all. A foundation or blueprint built around a strong core message is what will hold your book together as you write forward with confidence and clarity.

    A blueprint is the secret bestsellers know about their book before putting pen to paper.

      Your Book’s Unique Blueprint – Your Book’s Roadmap for Success

      Over the course of 6 weeks, you will work with Athena one-on-one to develop your Book’s Unique Blueprint, so you will have everything you need to write forward with clarity, confidence and momentum.

      The Blueprint process is structured around the elements a Publisher and/or Agent will need if you were pursuing traditional publishing and is the essential foundation for any serious independent publishing entrepreneur.

      Package Includes:

      • Your Book’s Unique Blueprint Workbook – At the start of your enrolment, you will receive a Your Unique Book’s Blueprint, which will form the backbone or ‘scaffolding’ for your manuscript as you write forward. The Blueprint process is designed to get you clear on your book’s reason and purpose, so your message shines through to your intended reader.
      • 3 x Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Calls – 3 x 60 min Zoom Coaching Calls. Fortnightly coaching calls with Athena personally where you will discuss the development of your Book’s Unique Blueprint.

      Your Unique Book’s Blueprint will give you clarity on:

      • A complete roadmap on the how to start and complete your book
      • Your book’s core Message – Your Book’s North Star
      • Your target audience – your reader avatar
      • Your book’s vision
      • Discover the best structure and outline for your book
      • Your book’s unique selling point
      • The publication path that’s right for you and your book’s goals
      • Conquer self doubt and overcome your fears – you can do this!

      Creating your Book’s Unique Blueprint will take you from stuck, overwhelmed and unsure to writing your book with confidence and clarity!

      Investment for this package is just $1497.00

      YES! Let's create my book's unique blueprint!

      Does this sound familiar?

      • People tell you all the time, “You should write a book!” But you don’t know where to start.
      • Have you always felt an inner ‘calling’ to write a book?
      • You want to be a bestselling author and be recognised as an expert in your field.
      • You have started writing your book, but never finished it.
      • You are stuck or a writing in circles. Who knew writing a book would be this hard?
      • You are unsure what your book should be about – you have so many ideas, but which one should you choose?
      • You want to write a lead generating business book that will be an asset to your brand.

      If you have a skill, experience or story to share that can improve the lives of others, you can even consider it your obligation to share it. And if you want the confidence to turn your book idea into a reality, book a call and let’s get started on your book’s unique blueprint.

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      Why is Athena the right Book Coach?

      After publishing six books, five independently and one traditionally, and learning far too many steps along the way the hard way, it is now my passion to help writers navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape and avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

      As a professionally trained Book Coach, I bring my experience as an international bestselling and multi-award winning author to aspiring authors through flexible one-to-one coaching packages as well as courses, retreats and workshops that aim to inspire and empower writers for success in publishing.

      I am the International bestselling author of the multi-award winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series The Seer’s Daughter, The Alchemist’s Son, Girl Unseen, When Darkness Follows and the romantic thrillers Desperate and The Scream Behind Her Smile.



      A Book Coach meets you where you are on your writing and publishing journey and helps you clarify and navigate the following steps.

      • Create a unique blueprint for your book, and review each chapter as you progress so you write forward with confidence and momentum.
      • A Book Coach is your accountability partner, professional critique, and biggest supporter so you meet your deadlines and publish your professional-quality book!
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