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Six Weeks

Blueprint Coaching


*$990.00 – Or 6 fortnightly payments of $165.00



I coach you through the development of a blueprint for your book. This is a  powerful process designed to give you clarity and a solid foundation for your book. Use the blueprint to write your book proposal, table of contents and sample chapters if you are seeing traditional publishing, or use the blueprint to plan your best book, table of contents and start working on solid draft chapters for those choosing to self-publish.

Package includes initial 60-minute Zoom Call to discuss your book plus 3 x fortnightly coaching calls with clear action items designed to get clarity on your book’s purpose, structure, message and audience for your book plus guidance on preparing a book proposal for submitting to publishers or overview of the self-publishing process.

  • Initial 60-minute Zoom Call to discuss the process and intended outcome.
  • Blueprint-for-a-book workbook – A powerful process specifically tailored to give you clarity of your book’s message, structure, target reader and place in the market.
  • Guidance on preparing a book proposal for writers seeking traditional publishing.
  • 3 x fortnightly coaching calls with clear actions to progress the overview and creation of your book with an expectation of 20-25 pages per coaching call. This is designed so at the end of the coaching package, you will have sample chapters to submit to publishers, or if you are self-publishing, a clear plan for the completion of your book.
  • Understanding options for publishing and help in choosing the best path for you.
  • Receive samples of book proposals, query letters and case studies to help draft your proposal.
  • Email and messenger support between fortnightly coaching calls to answer any questions that may arise. 


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