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Welcome! We are thrilled that you have landed here. They say there are no accidents, so chances are pretty good that you are writing a book, or have finished writing a book and are thinking about your options for publishing. If so, congratulations!

But writing a book is just the start.

Publishing is where the next step of your journey begins!

Are you ready to publish your book?

Becoming Your Own Publisher: 

Are you ready to publish your book? Are you looking for advice and assistance on how to become an independent publisher in Australia? If you are looking for a guidance or and someone to step you through the whole publishing process, you are in the right place. 

This is the home of Athena Daniels’ Academy, a site dedicated to making the art of writing and publishing stress-free and fun! Learn everything you need to know to publish your books through personalised one-to-one coaching and a series of courses, luxury retreats and hands-on workshops.  



 Everything you need to self-publish with ease and confidence!


With easy step by step processes, we have the tools, experience and passion to help you navigate the dynamic and exciting path to publishing no matter what stage you are at right now!

Plus, everything your learn can be applied to all your future titles.


The business side to becoming an author 


* Learn the business side of becoming your own publisher 

* Understanding how the publishing industry works

* Build an author platform

* Publish an eBook that is available on all major eBook distributors globally.

* Publish a paperback that is available in major retailers globally.

* Design and create a professional product – digital, audio and/or paperback.

* Understanding ISBN’s – why you need them and how to use them.

Plan and prepare your book release strategy.

* Define your target market and learn how to reach your ideal readers.

* And much more!





FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call

Self-publishing is so much easier with the help of an experienced author-coach to guide you every step of the way!  


Contact Athena for your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call so that you can tell me where you are in your writing and publishing journey and I can talk you through the different options available to support you to achieve your goals.

I offer coaching that is personalised to your needs. From final draft to publication, advice on all areas of self-publishing from an author who is passionate about her craft! 

To find out how I can assist you on your journey:

Book Coaching and Author Consultations

Flexible sessions tailored to your needs.

  • Have you written a book and are ready to publish?  One-to-one coaching is specifically designed to demystify the publishing process and assist you with everything you need to publish your book. 
  • Whether you have written a business book, or fiction book, this service is aimed to make the publishing process simple. Choose this if you want just a little help, or want someone to be by your side the whole process.   

  • Have you already published your book and are ready to take your writing next level – from Author to Creative Entrepreneur? Learn the top insider tips to maximise your chance for publishing success. 

  • Or are you ready to build your brand and turn writing from hobby to work from home business?

  • Consulting is tailored to intensive one-on-one sessions to meet your specific needs.

Important: Places are strictly limited – Not everyone will be accepted. If you’d like to be considered, contact here: 

 Courses and Workshops

Define, focus and achieve your goals! 

Workspaces for Heightened States of Creativity

1 Day Intensive Workshop

For writers and business women wanting to write their book, produce regular blogs, articles and inspired content.

Set yourself up for maximum creative flow and inspiration.

Let’s Talk Publishing

2 day Intensive Course 

Self-Publishing for Writers and Creative Entrepreneurs


*** Due to Covid 19, all courses and workshops are temporarily cancelled – New dates will be advised when available ***

Publishing your Business Book

Publishing a book is a powerful asset for your business and can elevate your business brand. 

  • For Business or Professional women who want to publish and position themselves as a leader in their field.


  • Publishing a book is a powerful asset for your business:  

    Authority – Position yourself as a leader and expert in your chosen field. Your book is the ultimate business card.

    Visibility – Increase your visibility. Build your business brand, reputation, and increase your public profile.

    Resource – Provide a valuable resource for new and existing clients.

    Financial – An effectively marketed book is an asset that will generate an additional stream of income.

    Opportunities – A published book can open doors, attract new customers and speaking opportunities around the world.

    Legacy – Share your knowledge, experience and journey with your family and heirs.

    Consulting is tailored to intensive one-on-one sessions to meet your specific needs.

Important: Places are strictly limited – Not everyone will be accepted. If you’d like to be considered, contact here:  


Becoming an independent publisher, a creative entrepreneur, an author-entrepreneur – turning your passion for writing into a business –

is life-changing and there are few greater pleasures in life than the joy of holding your book in your hand. 

Or on your Kindle!

Ready to learn more?



NEED to KICK-START your creativity? 
We make publishing easy 

“I’m excited about my life and future for the first time. I was so overwhelmed with everything there is to know about publishing and the industry, but Athena’s calm, inspirational way of explaining things made taking the next step far less daunting. I’m excited to turn my writing into a business now.”



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