Publishing Books that Create Global Impact

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final stage – Publishing!

You’ve done everything in your power to write a high-quality book.

Now you’re wondering… which publication path is right for YOU?

Our mission is to empower writers with the knowledge and confidence to write and publish books to traditional publisher standard.

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Publishing – What are your options?

You’ve done everything in your power to write a high-quality book. You’ve nailed your book’s idea and core message. Your outline is flawless, and you’ve taken your reader on a journey from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Now you need to make a decision on how you’re going to publish your book.

  • Traditional or self-publishing, or hybrid?
  • What are the pros and cons for each?
  • How do I avoid the vanity publishers and the costly pitfalls of making the wrong choice?

With the advent of eBooks, traditional publishing is no longer the only option for publishing your book. With the advance in technology, the way people read books has changed. Readers can now download their book and start reading instantly without waiting for books to be delivered to their door or a trip to the library or book store.

The traditional publishing landscape has had to change. Now, it is possible for anyone to publish their book without having to go through a traditional publisher. If you take the correct steps to ensure your book is high-quality, it is virtually impossible for consumers to tell whether a book is self or traditionally published.

Which publishing path is right for you?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, only what is right for you and your book’s unique vision and goals.

If you would like to discuss publishing and the best option for you, please reach out. I’d love to talk to you about your book’s vision and goals and help you publish your most successful book.






Personalised one-on-one coaching throughout the whole publishing process.

Arrange and coordinate editor, cover designer, formatter and other service providers.

Your personalised book launch schedule. Detailed action plan for release.

A strategic plan for publishing blueprint (goals, target audience and vision for your book).

Video tutorials for uploading your book to retailer’s sites.

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Traditional Publishing

To publish a book through a traditional publisher, you’ll need a book proposal.

Personalised one-on-one coaching throughout the process of preparing a book proposal.

We work through each element of the book proposal, polishing them until they shine. (Overview, Audience Analysis, Comparable Titles, Table of Contents, Marketing Plan, Sample Chapters, Author Bio.)

Research agents and publishers that are a good fit for your book, and assist in the submission process.

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Online Course 

Self-Publishing Masterclass

Enrolments are now open for the Publishing Success Masterclasses starting September 2021.

Publishing Success Masterclass – Everything you need to know to self-publish a professional quality book that creates global impact.

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Books can spark movements, have a profound impact on the world, open doors and opportunities, and elevate your business or brand to the next level.





We work with you to polish your words into a professional book you’ll be proud to put your name on.

Substantive Editing (Developmental Edit) – Structure, readability, content.

Copyediting – clarity, accuracy, grammar, consistency of language.

Proofreading – Final check for spelling, punctuation, formatting and spacing.

Book Production

Create and manage book release schedule – Allow 4 months

Cover Design – Paperback & eBook

Interior Layout – Formatting

Front and back matter.

ISBN, barcode, National Library of Australia registration.

Quality control of the book production process.

Global Distribution

We arrange printing and uploading your files for global distribution.

Print on demand publishing with IngramSpark.

e-Book set up for global distribution to online retailers – Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Book Depository, Angus & Robertson and other outlets.

Author Platform

Even Traditionally Published Authors need to market their book.

Assistance in setting up your author platform:


Book Release


Your ultimate release plan! Work with Athena to create your unique book release blueprint.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, don’t waste the opportunities a book release can bring.

Keep all your rights and profits.

You have complete control and ownership of your book and profits at all times.

Retain full creative control and all associated opportunities.

Keep all of your rights and profits.

What would it mean for you to be a published author?

Would it be a dream come true?

Some benefits of being a published author:

  • Elevate your business or brand.
  • Instant Credibility – Position yourself as a leader in your field.
  • Invitations for guest speaking and media opportunities.
  • Sharing your story or skills with a worldwide audience.
  • Attract more clients – An additional stream of passive income.
  • Promotional opportunities – For your book and business.
  • The opportunity to change lives and impact the world with your story or skills.
  • Workshops and online courses – Create a workshop or online course around your book.

Why is Athena the right Book Coach?

After publishing six books, five independently and one traditionally, and learning far too many steps along the way the hard way, it is now my passion to help writers navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape and avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

As a professionally trained Book Coach, I bring my experience as an international bestselling and multi-award winning author to aspiring authors through flexible one-to-one coaching packages as well as courses, retreats and workshops that aim to inspire and empower writers for success in publishing.

I am the International bestselling author of the multi-award winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series The Seer’s Daughter, The Alchemist’s Son, Girl Unseen, When Darkness Follows and the romantic thrillers Desperate and The Scream Behind Her Smile.


Independent Publishing
Self-publishing is an exciting and rewarding option for publishing your book, one which many new and established authors are choosing today.

As a successful published author, I work with a team of professional editors, proof-readers, formatters and cover designers to help you create a high-quality book that is available for sale on major bookseller websites worldwide.



You have complete control of the creative process, from design to marketing.

There is no one between you and the reader, you and the opportunities.

Your book, your rights, profits, and creative control remain yours.

A book coach stays by your side, guiding you confidently throughout the whole process.

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“Athena helped me take the seed of my idea and turn it into something that I’m incredibly proud of.”

Kate De Jong, Fempire Coach

Publishing Success Package

All-inclusive Book Production Service.

One-on-one coaching. Experienced Book Coach guiding you confidently throughout the whole publishing process.

Arrange and coordinate editor, cover designer, formatter and other service providers to turn your manuscript into a polished, high-quality book.

Work with you to prepare and tailor your personalised book launch schedule and detailed action plan for release.

A strategic plan for publishing blueprint (goals, target audience and vision for your book).

Video tutorials and worksheets with easy-to-follow steps for uploading your book to retailer’s sites.



Holding your published book in your hands…

Signing a book for someone who will really benefit from your book’s message…

Stepping into your new role as a published author and the doors it will open…

Being invited to events to talk about your book and meeting people you may otherwise never have met…

Selling your book to readers around the world who need to hear your book’s message, all while you sleep!

“My mission is to empower writers with the knowledge and confidence to write and publish books to traditional publisher standard.”

Athena Daniels