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“My mission is to empower writers with the knowledge and confidence to write and publish books to traditional publisher standard.

It is my passion to inspire the creation of books that impact, educate and uplift people around the world.”

Athena Daniels

Athena Daniels

Hi! My name is Athena Daniels and I’m the Chief Creative Officer and founder of Athena Daniels Academy, a one-stop-shop designed to offer assistance to writers and authors no matter where they are along their writing and publishing journey.

I’m an international bestselling and multi-award-winning author, professionally trained Book Coach, Self-Publishing Coach, Creativity Coach, and Certified Life Coach.

I run my business as an author and coach around the responsibilities that come with being a mother to three and a day job. If you think you don’t have time, confidence or ability to write your book, I’d love to share my secrets with you!


After publishing six books, five independently and one traditionally, and learning far too many steps along the way the hard way, it is now my passion to help writers navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape and avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

As a professionally trained Book Coach, I bring my experience as an international bestselling and multi-award winning author to aspiring authors through flexible one-to-one coaching packages as well as courses, retreats and workshops that aim to inspire and empower writers for success in publishing.

I am the International bestselling author of the multi-award winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series The Seer’s Daughter, The Alchemist’s Son, Girl Unseen, When Darkness Follows and the romantic thrillers Desperate and The Scream Behind Her Smile.

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Athena Daniels Academy – International

Bringing your writing and publishing dreams to life

Welcome! I’m Athena Daniels. I help authors write and publish quality books that impact, educate and uplift people around the world.

If you’re going to spend time writing your book, make it the best book it can be!


A Bestselling Author’s Secrets to Heightened States of Creativity

How to get your book written while managing your business and busy life.

For writers and business women wanting to write their book, produce regular blogs, articles and inspired content.

Let’s Talk Publishing Everything You Need To Know about Independent Publishing




For Independent Authors Who Want Traditional Publisher Quality Books.

Everything you need to know to become an Independent Publisher.

Fiction and Non-Fiction writers – Specialising in all areas of book production and marketing.

The Authorpreneur Success Blueprint (ASB) Book Launch Blueprint and Release Plan

One-on-one Coaching & Flexible Coaching Packages




You won’t write your book by wishing, hoping or waiting until you have time!

You will write your book by taking action!

A Book Coach holds the vision of your finished book and keeps you accountable every step of the way until you achieve it.

From Idea to Published Book – I can work with you at any stage of the writing and publishing process.

One-on-one Coaching & Flexible Coaching Packages


Take your writing next level with Athena Daniels Book Coaching

Are you writing a book or planning to write a book? A Book Coach can help hone and convey your idea in a clear, concise way.

Have you written your book and considering your options for publishing? A Book Coach can help you discover the best way to publish to reach your goals.

Are you considering the power of Self-Publishing? A Book Coach can help you combine the best practices of Traditional Publishing with the speed to market and control of self-publishing. A Book Coach can help you choose the quality team of professionals to work with you on the creation of your book.

According to statistics, around 80% of people say they want to write a book, but only about 3% actually do.

If you want to be one of the few percent who successfully write and publish their book, a Book Coach is trained to help you make that dream come true.

I hope you take a moment to reach out and see if I can help you reach your book and publishing goals, Athena x


What is a Book Coach?

A Book Coach meets you where you are on your writing and publishing journey and helps you clarify and navigate the following steps. Book coaches can assist anywhere from the very first idea for a book, right through to publication and marketing of your work. A book coach will help you understand what your book’s message is and then help you fulfil that promise to the reader.

Book Coaches bring their experience and knowledge of the publishing industry to you. They do not do it for you, but they help you understand your choices. They cheer your success and keep you accountable, by your side, supporting you throughout the whole process.

When you hire a book coach, you won’t lose control of your work. A book coach won’t take over your project. Instead, they help you remain in complete control by helping you understand every step in the process which ensures that your book remains authentically yours, written in your voice, and is the very best it can be.


When do you need a book coach?

When you’re ready to stop treating your writing as a hobby, or dream you’ll never achieve, and “go pro.” A book coach can step in during any stage from the first idea to advising you on marketing your published novel.

You’ve got something to say, that’s hopefully why you want to publish a book. But what good is your message if it isn’t presented professionally and conveyed clearly? The reader will lose interest if the first chapter doesn’t appear to fulfil the book’s promise and set it aside. If your cover and blurb aren’t created correctly, a reader might not pick up or even find your book among countless others in the online space.

A book should be written and created with your ideal reader in mind if you want your message to reach its intended audience. A book coach helps you get crystal clear about what your book is, and who it’s for. It’s hard to publish and promote a book if you’re unclear about what the essence of your book is and who needs to read it.


Do any of the following describe where you are right now?

  • Are you stuck or spending hours writing in circles?
  • Do you need clarity on your idea or purpose of your book? You have so many ideas about what you want to write, but what will make an excellent book that your audience will want to read?
  • Who is your ideal reader? Who is your message for? Getting clear on who you are writing for helps you create a book that has direction and purpose. You’re not writing a diary; there’s a reason your book needs to be in the world. What is it? And how do you make sure your message is conveyed clearly?
  • Do you want to write a book that has the best chance of being read by a wider audience than your family and friends? A book coach can help you do that.
  • Are you pursuing publishing through a traditional publisher? A book coach can help you prepare a book proposal agents and publishers want to read.
  • Are you planning to self-publish your book? You need to think like a traditional publisher and treat Self-Publishing as a business. A book coach will help you research the market, understand the importance of editing, cover design, formatting, and avoid costly pitfalls.

  • Is it your goal to pursue traditional publishing? A book coach can help you write a book proposal publishers and agents will want to read.

  • Want to become an authorpreneur and take advantage of the range of opportunities and doors that becoming a published author can open for you? A book coach can show you everything you need to be your own independent publisher and pursuing your goals as an authorpreneur.

You won’t write your book by wishing, hoping and waiting until you have enough time. You will write your book by taking action.

A Book Coach holds the vision of your finished book and keeps you inspired and accountable while you achieve it. A Book Coach helps you get results!

Make your dream of publishing a book come true with a one-on-one book coach!

book your FREE consultation here!

What else can a Book Coach help with?


Are you ready to publish your book? Understand the pros and cons for self-publishing and traditional publishing to help you make the best decision for you.

Self-publishing – Become your own publisher

Are you looking for advice and assistance on how to become an independent publisher?

If you are looking for a guidance or someone to be by your side and step you through the whole publishing process, you are in the right place.

Become an Authorpreneur & learn the business side to becoming an Author

  • Learn the business side of becoming your own publisher.
  • Understand how the publishing industry works and how to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Build an author platform and rock social media.
  • Publish an eBook and paperback that is available on major distributors globally.
  • Design and create a professional product – digital, audio and/or paperback.
  • Plan and prepare your book release strategy.
  • Define your target market and learn how to reach your ideal readers.

What our students say about the Athena Daniels Academy

Nicole, Perth Western Australia

“I’m excited about my life and future for the first time. I was so overwhelmed with everything there is to know about publishing and the industry, but Athena’s calm, inspirational way of explaining things made taking the next step far less daunting. I’m excited to turn my writing into a business now.”

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